Technology innovations are changing how companies do business, how industries are structured, and how we live our lives.

We are showcasing topical innovative technology that has an impact (now and in the future) on the commercial side of life – how and why. Commercial technology also has a fundamental impact on us as human beings and society in general. This is why we have this particular theme to enable us to communicate the benefits technology will have for us professionally and personally.

Latest Updates:

BREAKING NEWS: BBC’s Cerys Griffiths, Executive Director, BBC Learning & the BBC micro:bit computer join the speaker line up      Other new speakers announced: Jordan Fantaay, Fantoo – Dave Stanley, Grillatech – Chris Blake, Canon       Stop press! We are delighted to announce that Facebook will be joining the Panel to discuss Digital Transformation.


  • Dr Alison Vincent

    Chief Technology Officer UK and Ireland
    Cisco International Ltd

    Dr Alison Vincent is an inspirational and experienced technical leader who, through exceptional communication, acts as thought leader, ambassador and Champion of Cisco technology to Customers, Start-Ups, Government, Partners, Press and Analysts. She also acts as the focal point for innovation and technical leadership in the UK and Ireland technical community.

    Chris Parker

    Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs

    Chris leads the Corporate, External and Legal affairs team in the UK. He has significant legal and corporate affairs experience in the information technology industry. Prior to joining Microsoft, Chris was Senior Counsel for Apple Europe and Legal & Government Affairs Director at Compaq. He also spent more than 17 years at Digital Equipment Co. Ltd (DEC) in various roles.

    Stuart Birrell

    Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    Heathrow Airport Ltd

    Stuart joined Heathrow in June 2015 and is focused on transforming IT to be leaders and enablers of change as the whole business embraces new digital and mobility capabilities to help deliver our vision of the best passenger experience in the world. The foundation for this is a platform of solid operational resilience across the airport and a spirit of collaboration and partnership across the airport.
    Previously Stuart was CIO at McLaren Group (F1 and Automotive business) where he transformed the IT team to enable the company to double in size, and exploit rapid innovation in the extreme environment of Formula 1 and high performance supercars.
    He was also CIO at Gatwick Airport where, following the sale from BAA in December 2009 he built a new IT organisation and service operation in 18 months as it was being technically separated from Heathrow.
    Prior to that, he held a range of senior IT and Operations positions at PepsiCo International (UK), having progressed his career in Engineering with Nissan Motor Group UK and Kimberly-Clark. He has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and an MBA.
    For downtime, he is a keen mountain-biker and a novice sailor.

    Bryan Glick

    Editor in chief
    Computer Weekly

    Bryan is editor in chief of Computer Weekly, responsible for managing and developing the team producing all Computer Weekly editorial content, including the web site, weekly digital magazine, blogs, video, podcasts, web seminars, social media, face-to-face events, community and the CW500 IT leadership group.

  • William Richmond-Coggan

    Partner & Solicitor Advocate
    Pitmans LLP

    Will Richmond-Coggan is a Partner and Solicitor-Advocate at Pitmans LLP, the leading Thames Valley law firm. He special-ises in complex disputes in the higher courts, and he has experience both of running cases and appearing before judges up to Court of Appeal level, as well as before a range of specialist tribunals. Many of his clients operate in the technology sector, an area in which he takes a keen interest. He has a particular focus on online disputes, in areas ranging from data privacy to defa-mation, and regularly conducts briefings on the legal implications around cyber-security. He was the advocate in the first suc-cessful claim in the English courts for a defamatory online review

    Oren Taylor


    Oren Taylor has a successful track record working in the field of technology innovation and business transformation for over 20 years. As an experienced and committed technology investor Oren has been part of several successful ventures including Cloud Group, Exceed and more recently Trading Times. Oren is dedicated to discovering emerging and disruptive technologies and to spearhead their use in CDG’s product and services offerings. Oren is an enthusiastic environmentalist and strong supporter of the Fauna and Flora charity with a real passion for working in the field of human/nature conflict.

    Colin McKinnon

    Institute for Environment Analytics (IEA)

    After an early career in general management with BP, Colin has spent the last 15 years developing new ventures in the science and technology field. This includes a spell as managing director for a supply chain consultancy in the transport engineering sector and as commercial director of a geo-information start-up.
    He has an interest in environmental resilience following time spent as a board director with NERC, a large environmental research organisation, and several years as innovation director for Buro Happold, a global engineering consultancy in the built environment sector.
    As CEO since its inception, Colin is leading the IEA in becoming a worldwide centre of excellence, supporting the development of the environmental big data analytics market.
    He was an invited speaker at the UN Habitat Resilient Cities Conference in Barcelona in March and the IEA has been selected to take part in European Space Solutions Week in The Hague at the end of May.

    Kelvyn Ajala

    Coming of Age Millennial
    Beyond your Sense

    Kelvyn Colt is a 22 year old recording artist and entrepreneur of German/Nigerian descent, currently residing in London, United Kingdom.
    Y2K Millennial Coming of Age. Kelvyn’s first steps in the entertainment industry were made as he appeared on the German TV series "Romeo feat. Juliette" as Romeo with 17/18 years, which he was scouted for based of an interview addressing issues with the European Union. After starting his own record label, Beyond Your Sense Music and charting in the top 20 German VIVA Black Charts, he relocated to the UK from Germany. Then completing a degree in entrepreneurship at the University of Buckingham, he started the social media agency Beyond Your Sense and works on his career as an artist.
    Kelvyn will talk about how he grew up seeing/using tech, how he started using tech to also enter the top 20 charts in Germany, having an almost zero budget digital marketing campaign (before he came to the UK to the University of Buckingham). He will explain how he is using technology today (his new business; beyondyoursense.com) especially involving the younger, more tech savvy generation (like his little brother). How people like KSI are more influential stars than many Hollywood idols but we (especially the gen above) is completely unaware of them and the methods they use. Thames Valley and the University of Buckingham have been invaluable to Kelvyn during his journey to where he is today and his future.

  • Richard Kellett

    Director of Market Management

    Richard Kellett is the Director of Market Management for SAS in the UK. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and is responsible for the product lifecycle management of the core SAS solutions and technology spanning all industry verticals.
    Kellett has worked for a variety of companies, both client and supplier side including IBM, Sybase and Software AG, with a common theme of extracting business value from the masses of data available to all organisations across their ecosystems.
    After years of talking about leveraging operational systems, Kellett believes that companies are finally starting to this, and that fact based decision making will be the difference between success and failure for today's businesses.

    Gerry Brown

    Research Director, Software
    IDC Europe

    Gerry has 10 years’ experience as a senior analyst and consultant in customer-oriented enterprise applications and services. His research coverage for IDC includes enterprise collaboration, digital transformation, customer experience, customer communications and cross-channel engagement.
    Previously Gerry was a senior analyst for Ovum, where he specialised in digital marketing technologies, and at Bloor Research where he focused on analytics, performance management and CRM. For seven years Gerry was a lecturer for the UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) on its Masters-level course in strategic marketing management.
    Earlier in his career Gerry was Marketing Director at Hyperion and MicroStrategy and founded three research and consulting agencies advising hi-tech companies. Gerry is a CIM Fellow, has a Diploma in Marketing post-graduate qualification, and a BA Hons Business Studies degree from Sheffield Hallam University.

    Clare Riley

    Group Manager, Education Relations
    Microsoft Ltd

    Microsoft is passionate about helping people realise their full potential and partners with many organisations across the education sector to help transform education and to excite inspire and create opportunities for students – at school, in life, at college and in an increasingly digital workplace. Clare has been with Microsoft for ten years now and is responsible for Microsoft’s longer term relationships with Government and key organisations in the sector.
    Day to day, Clare also leads on initiatives such as the campaign to include Computer Science in the school curriculum, which has achieved great momentum this year, and programmes designed to boost digital inclusion, encouraging everyone to develop the skills and motivation to become connected online citizens.
    Clare was at the BBC before joining Microsoft, initially as a journalist and film-maker for many years. She also worked at the centre of the BBC, as Head of Business Management in the second half of the 90s and her last role in the BBC was as Head of New Business Development for Education.

    Adam Hale


    Adam has been CEO at global HRMS solutions provider, Fairsail, since March 2014 and has previously acted as Executive Chairman and Non-Executive Director. He is a graduate of Computer Science, has over 30 years’ experience in the technology industry, and was formerly Head of Software and European Technology at Executive search firm, Russell Reynolds Associates. Adam is also a long-time committee member of the Technology Leadership Group (TLG) for the Prince’s Trust and can be found on Twitter @AdaHal.
    Fairsail is Reading’s fastest growing company and the team has grown fivefold over the last 2.5 years.

  • Louize Clarke


    Louize Clarke is co-founder of ConnectTVT, the Reading-based platform connecting the tech and digital dots across the Thames Valley and GROW@GreenPark, a co-working space with a beating heart and a vibrant start-up eco-system. Louize is passionate about inspiring the next generation around STEAM not just STEM as well as the vital role a disruptive start-up community plays in fostering talent locally . As Tech City’s regional champion, she has single-handedly re-energised the Thames Valley’s start-up scene, creating a rich programme of tech and entrepreneurial events including Thames Valley Tech Week, the Festival of Digital Disruption, Start-Up Grind and a host of meetup groups.

    Simon Hammond

    Regional Sales Manager
    Quickparts, 3D Systems Europe Ltd.

    With a diploma in Business Studies, Simon worked in a number of roles at Yell, a provider of directory and digital solutions, over a 20 year period.

    Four years ago, he joined High Wycombe based CRDM, a leading 3D Printing bureau service provider in the UK, to develop new channels of revenue through sales activities and marketing.

    In August 2013, CRDM was bought by 3D Systems, the inventors of and industry recognised innovators of 3D Printing, suppliers of machines, software and associated technology.

    Simon was responsible for getting the approval, manufacture and installation for the UK's first printed building components in the construction industry.

    simon.hammond@3dsystems.com 07872 997 294

    Luis Novella

    Wemanity Group

    Luis Novella is an experienced Director with background in energy, technology, financial services, and professional services at an international level. He is a Managing Partner at Wemanity where he works as a catalyst for strategic business and agile transformations helping companies innovate and disrupt markets. He has particular expertise in growing and managing businesses globally, leading and directing operations.

    He has managed the EMEA operations of several US technology and professional services companies over his 20+ year career. He has held senior leadership positions at KPMG, Accenture, The Hackett Group, and Areva.

    Toby Poston

    Director of Communications and External Relations

    Toby Poston is Director of Communications and External Relations at the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association, having joined the organisation in 2008.

    Toby oversees the association’s media relations, communications and research activities as well as fostering relationships with key industry stakeholders. He is part of the team responsible for developing the BVRLA’s policy and strategy on technology and innovation and is a member of the UK Automotive Council’s Intelligent Mobility working group. Toby also sits on the Department for Transport’s Road Haulage Forum and is a contributor to Transport for London’s Car Club Coalition.

    Prior to joining the BVRLA, Toby was a business journalist for fifteen years, spending much of this time as a reporter and editor within the BBC Business and Economics Unit, working across TV, radio and online channels.

  • Jordan Fantaay

    Founder and CEO

    At just 18, Jordan built a wireless hi-fi system from his university dorm room, which he later raised funding for and sold to Harrods. He then continued to develop a range of innovative hardware products, such as one of the first wireless headphones, working with the likes of Reebok. Jordan’s last venture was in the US where he brought to market an interactive display for the fitness industry, the product was rolled out throughout the US in 18mths, and sold to companies such as Google and intel and NASDAQ listed NYSC.

    Jordan then decided to move into the software business after spotting the lack of innovation in email delivery systems. “I wanted to create a pleasant experience for email and in turn get people engaged with the activity and more productive? says Jordan. “With Fantoo we make sending and receiving emails engaging and easy, taking away the stress of having to deal with a jumbled, never-ending inbox.?

    Jordan set to work on the concept four years ago, and has since attracted B2B customers and technology Goliaths such as Dell and Microsoft. “We met Outlook’s senior team at a conference in San Francisco and they connected with the concept. I can’t encourage entrepreneurs enough to attend industry events because it is here where digital ‘Davids’ like us and the corporate ‘Goliaths’ get to meet and connect. Their experience and insight has been invaluable.?

    Fantoo pitched to Michael Dell 1.5yrs ago and were hand-picked by him to become Dell’s First Global Startup in residence company, the company is operating in a hot space where valuations are going from a $100m to $3 billion.

    Dave Stanley


    Dave Stanley founded GrillaTech with Jim Sneddon to create an innovative way for candidates to enter the workplace and companies to open up recruitment opportunities. With the entry level skills gaps sky-rocketing for commercial and technical candidates, finding the right people is the No.1 issue facing employers. GrillaTech’s unique platform helps customers tackle this by finding talent with the right attitude, mindset and culture. “Grillas? are trained across core pillars become those exciting candidates in demand by fast-growth companies. Dave brings a track record of building and organising sales, technical and marketing teams through consultation, coaching and leadership across UK and EMEA.

    Chris Blake

    Sales and Marketing Director
    Canon Europe, 3D Printing

    Chris is an internationally focused sales & marketing leader, specialising in new business development. He has extensive experience working in global B2B and B2C markets delivering transformations and implementing new businesses for corporate organisations.

    Chris currently runs Canon’s 3D printing business, offering market leading 3D printing solutions to engineers, manufactures, architects and educational institutes.

    Cerys Griffiths

    Executive Producer
    BBC Learning

    Cerys is an Executive Producer in BBC Learning, which is the department with the BBC which aims to transforms lives through education by delivering annual campaigns aimed at countering a cultural, societal or educational need; Bitesize - the BBC’s formal education resource for children and young people, linked to the curriculum of each nation; and iWonder interactive factual story-telling to inspire curiosity and learning. Cerys has overall editorial responsibility for the BBC micro:bit which is an ambitious education initiative to inspire digital creativity and develop a new generation of tech pioneers by giving a small codeable computer to every year 7 (or equivalent) child in the UK working with over 25 partners.

  • Mark Eighteen

    Activate Learning Group
    Commercial Director

    Mark Eighteen joined the Activate Learning Group (Reading/Oxford College) in 2015 as Commercial Director to drive Apprenticeships and training solutions in the Thames Valley and London. Activate has 2000 apprentices on programme and in 2014/15 Activate had 340 students graduate from its full time IT programmes.

    Mark has been in Learning & Development for 15 years and prior to Activate managed the South Region at Key Training providing Apprenticeships. In 2010 Key Training placed less than 200 apprentices but by 2014 Key was placing 1000 young people into apprenticeship jobs per year.

    In addition Mark also ran WWP (the commercial division of Key) delivering a variety of IT and Leadership & Management training solutions to the corporate market.

    Andrew Furse

    Product Manager, Strategy, Options and Technology
    BMW Group UK

    Andy Turner

    Managing Director
    Fastlane Consulting and Education Services Ltd

    Andy is a member of the Fast Lane Board and runs the UKI Division of this IT Internetworking specialist Education and consultancy business. He has a passion for ongoing learning and development of individuals in this fast changing world of IT, having spent his entire career in the field of Telecommunications and IT. In his early career his was responsible for Business Developments activities in various parts of the World on behalf of the Philips Electronics Group. In the past 16 years, Andy has worked with a number of IT Education and Consultancy business both here in the UK and Europe. Andy is a CIM Fellow, has a post-graduate Diploma in Sales & Marketing and a BSc Hons Electronics degree from Brunel University.

    Adrian Buchmann

    Senior Designer
    Christopher Ward

  • John Carr Facebook

    Partner Manager

    John joined Facebook in 2014 as a Partner Manager after three years at media agency MediaCom Edinburgh working in the Digital Team. He has worked with some of the largest brands and agencies in the UK and Ireland to shape their business strategy on both Facebook and Instagram and build their businesses by connecting to the people that matter most to them.

The agenda of the conference will cover:

Each agenda session include a combination of presentation, panel discussion and/or ‘fireside’ chat

  • 08:30

    Arrival and Registration

  • 09:30

    Welcome and Introduction: TVCC & Microsoft

  • 09:50

    MC, Roy Sheppard and Introduction to Buzzmaster

  • 10:00

    Y2K Millennials Coming of Age

  • 10:35

    Creativity Meets Technology

  • 11:05

    Plugging the Skills Gap

  • 11:15


  • 11:45

    Using Data Analytics to Tackle Environmental Challenges and Save Lives

  • 12:15

    Digital Transformation

  • 12:50


  • 13:45

    The Digital Factory of Tomorrow, Today

  • 14:20

    The Next Financial Revolution

  • 14:50

    The Electronic Highway

  • 15:30


  • 16:00

    Thames Valley - Galvanising a Talent Creation Culture

  • 16:35

    The Evolving Digital Economy / Tech City Survey/Thames Valley

  • 17:00

    Summary & Close

  • 17:15

    Networking - Drinks and Canapes

  • 19:00

    Close of Event


  • Tech Nation 2016 Report | 01 Mar 2016

    London and the South East of England has led the UK's growth into a Tech Nation. From the original tech belt in Berkshire, to the creative tech centre of Brighton, the region has long played host to multinationals and fast growing companies alike including Google, Microsoft, Cisco and Amazon.
    Tech hubs in Bracknell and Reading have attracted a broad range of high tech and digital tech companies, supported by growing clusters in Southampton and Guildford. Other notable hubs include Wycombe, Slough and Swindon. Find out more..
  • Reading ranked as one of Europe’s top 25 business cities of the future | 11 Mar 2016

    The bi-annual FDI European Cities of the Future Awards 2016/17 ranks cities of all sizes across Europe against a number of business criteria to assess the attractiveness of each location for future investment: Reading is 21st, the 3rd best placed UK city. It was also named in the FDI’s Top 25 European cities in the previous two rankings and has retained its status in 2016.
    The town was also named the second most business friendly small city in Europe based on factors such as the number and proportion of companies in high tech and knowledge-based industries, jobs created by investment, foreign direct investment, ease of doing business and the number of FT Global companies located. Reading is also celebrating its Year of Culture. Find out more..



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